It is the policy of Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd to protect the environment through sound practices that reduce waste generation and minimise risk to the environment.

To meet the objective of this policy:

  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd is committed to developing a culture in which the protection of the Environment is encouraged by greater awareness, understanding and management of Environmental issues.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd is committed to complying with all applicable Environmental Legislation.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd is committed to a regular review of all its activities in order to define specific targets for action.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd will minimise energy use.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd will provide appropriate Environmental training for all staff.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd will nominate a Director to be responsible for Environmental issues.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd will expect (expects) all employees to conduct their duties in accordance with this Policy.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd will seek to minimise its Environmental impact and aim to enhance the quality of the Environment.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd will use questionnaires and contract documents to increase Environmental awareness.
  • Acrabuild (Anglia) Ltd will aim to preserve and enhance biodiversity.

Signed: A P Moore